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Train The Speakers:  

Say goodbye to nerves and become a confident speaker

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In two days, we'll help you become a confident speaker capable of speaking in any situation.

Price: 497EUR (-50% less compared to similar courses)



Did you know that a staggering 77% of the population trembles at the thought of speaking in public?

But here's the exciting part – you don't have to be one of them!


Whether you aim to refine your presentations, pitch ideas persuasively, or boost your confidence in communication, this training is designed to empower you.

Workshop breakdown

This course is for anyone eager to improve, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

1. Overcome nervousness: You’ll get rid of your stage fright and anxiety.

2. Speak with clarity: You’ll learn to distill the key message and deliver it with impact. 

3. Tell business stories: You’ll learn to give presentations that are 22X more memorable.

4. Engagement: You’ll be able to captivate your audience's attention.

5. Confidence: After the course, you’ll be confident to speak in any situation. 

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25+ Micro Skills

You'll learn a set of essential skills that will turn you into a speaker who commands attention, radiates confidence, and leaves a lasting impact.

​Our principles 

#1 All our exercises are participatory and collaborative, not another listening session.

#2 We create a safe environment where participants can practice everything we talk about.

 #3 We use research, and case studies and provide a strong why behind every exercise we do.

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Meet Kristina Kumor

Kristina Kumor is a seasoned conference moderator and speaker with 10+ years of experience.

She is also one of Slido’s leading experts on audience engagement and a regular webinar host.


Meet Juraj Holub

Juraj Holub is Slido’s former Chief Meeting Designer, the role in which I consulted Fortune 500 companies to run more interactive events.

He gave presentations at SXSW, World Education Congress, and Social Media Week in London among dozens of other global events.

Pictures from the workshop

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the best workshop I've experienced. People are absolutely excited and trust each other. We all pushed our boundaries and forgot about our nervousness, thanks to your kind support.”

Katarína Šimková, Founder & CEO at CloseRocket

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Date: August 8-9

Price: 497EUR / person 

Limited: Max 14 participants

Place: The Spot, 8th floor


16+ hours of practice
2 facilitators dedicated only to you
Coaching in small groups

Language of instruction: 


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