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All-hands Meetings That Rock

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All-hands is the most important meeting in your company.
With everyone in, the stakes are high. This workshop will show you how to turn your all-hands into the most important leadership asset.



All-hands is the most important meeting in your company. Period. The stakes are high with everyone joining virtually or physically.

As a leader, it’s your once-in-a-month chance to align everyone, remind the team of the priorities, celebrate together, and answer the team’s questions.


This workshop will show you how to take your all-hands from another meeting to your most important leadership asset.

Workshop breakdown

Who is this for?

This course is ideal for CEOs, C-suite, VPs, HR pros, and startup founders who lead larger teams of 30+ people.

What you’ll learn

1. Use all-hands to align the company 

2. Celebrate success together

3. Increase trust by having an open Q&A

4. Connect remote offices together



1. From meeting to event setup (60min)

Speaker audio & video
Room setup

2. Build a bulletproof agenda (60min)
Key components
Content and interaction preparations

3. Team behind (90min)
Align the team behind all-hands
Assign responsibilities

​Our principles 

All our workshops are participatory and collaborative, not another listening session.

We create a safe environment where participants can practice everything we talk about.

We use scientific research and real case studies to provide a strong why behind every exercise we do.

“Everything changed when I met Juraj and Andrej.
They took us beyond the basecamp and showed us how to reach the summit when it comes to hybrid meetings."

Tomas Lodnan, Goodrequest CEO

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