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Essential Meetings for Business Leaders

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Leading a team? Meetings are still the most powerful tool to rally everyone, create a sense of belonging, and drive action. Join our workshop to learn which ones you need and how to nail them. 

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Meetings are portrayed as the business enemy number one. But 55% of workers feel more motivated and their productivity improves if they attended a productive meeting.


If we want to improve collaboration, we need to reduce the number of meetings and then improve the meetings we’ll keep.


Join our workshop to learn which meetings are essential and how to maximize their value.

Workshop breakdown

Who is this for?

This course is ideal for first-time leaders, startup founders but also more experienced business leaders who want to upgrade their meetings.

What you’ll learn

1.  Meetings vs Async

2. Meeting types and their purpose

3. How to prepare for a meeting 

4. How to lead an effective conversation

5. Etiquette in hybrid and in-person meetings

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1. Do we need that meeting? (60min)

When to go sync/async
Async alternatives

2. Meeting types (90min)

Essential meetings and their purpose
Agendas and pro tips to elevate them

3. Prepare and facilitate meetings (90min)

How to create a successful agenda
Leading a meeting with confidence

​Our principles 

All our workshops are participatory and collaborative, not another listening session.

We create a safe environment where participants can practice everything we talk about.

We use scientific research and real case studies to provide a strong why behind every exercise we do.

“Great content, great delivery. As one of my colleagues put it - we could use more of this know-how in all government meetings."

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