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Running Great Hybrid Meetings

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70% of companies plan to implement some form of hybrid setup.
But hybrid meetings are tough as they sit between two worlds.
Join our workshop to learn how to get them right. 


Hybrid meetings are tough. In a fully remote work environment, everyone is equal from a communication standpoint.

But how do you bridge the gap between the in-person colleagues and the remote people? How do you change the way you meet or socialize? How do we include all in conversations? 

Join us to build skills to tackle these challenges.


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Workshop breakdown

Who is this for?

This course is ideal for business leaders, C-suite, VPs, team leaders, HR, organizational pros, and startup founders who host meetings for 5+ people.

What you’ll learn

1. Use tech to create an equal experience

2. Use async to maximize the time together

3. Strategically plan agenda and interaction

4. Lead effective conversations 

Hybrid meetings.png


1. Get confident with tech (60min)
Speaker audio & video 
Meeting room setup

2. Planning for hybrid meetings  (60min)
Async preparations
Next steps & CTA 

3. Facilitating conversations (90min)
Engaging online audience 
Conversation management 

​Our principles 

All our workshops are participatory and collaborative, not another listening session.

We create a safe environment where participants can practice everything we talk about.

We use scientific research and real case studies to provide a strong why behind every exercise we do.

“Everything changed when I met Juraj and Andrej.
They took us beyond the basecamp and showed us how to reach the summit when it comes to hybrid meetings."

Tomas LodnanGoodrequest CEO

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