Hey everyone!

Andrej and Juraj here.

We met at Slido in 2013, at the very start of the company’s journey.

For almost a decade, we were helping to grow Slido from $0 to 8-figure revenue.

When we joined, only a handful of people trusted the tool. Now, over 120M people have used Slido to improve their meetings.

Growing the team of 8 to 260+ people in 26 countries, we have been trailblazing remote work and experimenting with what is possible.

As a team, we have worked with 70% of Fortune 500 companies and some of the world-class conferences such as SXSW, Web Summit or Adobe Summit.

We experienced many pains of growing the business, scaling the team and working in remote setup.

After the successful acquisition by Cisco, we felt it was our time to move on to share our hard-won lessons to help you on your own journey.

We’d love to get to know you. Drop us a message. 

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