Meeting Facilitation for Leaders


This 5h hands-on workshop will give you confidence in running engaging meetings and create a healthy meeting culture.

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Why This Training is for you

As we switched to remote work, the employees' expectations towards leaders have changed too.

As leaders, we now need to create space for dialogue, drive remote culture and listen more than ever.

If done right, meetings still remain the most effective platform to achieve that.

Employees whose managers hold regular meetings with them are almost 3X as likely to be engaged at work.

But it seems there's still a skills gap to maximize the potential of meetings.

54% of employees think that as leaders, we need to get better at facilitating meetings.

In this workshop, we'll help you build the skills to facilitate better meetings, increase your team’s engagement and build a healthy remote culture.

"This workshop expanded my knowledge on facilitation and made me a better leader and trainer."

Filip Hric

QA lead and Test automation lecturer

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Effectively Achieve the Goals of your Meetings

Describe the number 1 benefit of your offer or service.

Make meetings engaging and valuable for everybody

Describe the number 2 benefit of your offer or service.

Get maximum out of everybody in a meeting

Describe the number 3 benefit of your offer or service.

What can I expect from this workshop?


  • This workshop will be held in English
  • It will be hosted online on Zoom
  • To get the most of it, we're all have cameras on
  • We're going to cover the principles of effective facilitation
  • Then you're going to facilitate the most common meeting scenarios
    • meeting opening
    • leading a debate
    • announcing a new strategy
    • collecting feedback
    • encouraging diverse opinion
  • During the exercises, we'll be using tools (e.g. polls, chat, emojis) to elevate your facilitation



  • Introduction: Why facilitation is key to great meetings.
  • The key principles of leading amazing online meetings.
  • Scenarios 4x, feedback round after each.
  • Break
  • Scenarios 4x, feedback after each round
  • Summarizing the key learnings

Meeting Facilitation for Leaders

Building facilitation skills gives you confidence in running engaging meetings and enhances a company meeting culture.

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